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Warm Congratulations to Huihai Group’s Pig Breeding Farm on the Honorary Title
时间:2018/2/27 14:59:33

On March 13, 2017, the Xinhui Pig Breeding Farm of Huihai Group won the honorary title of the "Standardized Pig Demonstration Farm of the Ministry of Agriculture" and the "Key Pig Farm in Guangdong Province". This indicates that the development of the Group's pig breeding business has entered a new phase and will become larger and standardized.

The "Standardized Pig Demonstration Farm of the Ministry of Agriculture"

Huihai Xinhui Pig Breeding Farm was established in 2008 and was originally a laboratory pig farm under the R&D Center of Huihai Group. It has been transformed into a standardized demonstration farm with advanced equipment and standardized pig management mode. It is not only a technical training base of Huihai Group, but also a center combining production, education and research. It is also a designated internship center of higher agricultural colleges and universities such as the College of Veterinary Medicine of South China Agricultural University, Hunan Agricultural University and Guangdong Ocean University.

The "Key Pig Farm in Guangdong Province"

According to Mr. Huang, head of the farming sector in Huihai Group, the Huihai Pig Breeding Farm currently owns 2000 reproductive sows, which are new American pig breeds. Based on the combination of the safe and efficient farming mode and high-end Duoduo series of pig feed of Huihai Group, the PSY level of sows is more than 25. The weaned piglets have large body weight with uniform growth and development. They are healthy and energetic with bright coat, and have good potential for growth and development. They grow fast at the fattening stage and have quality meat.

Mr. Huang also mentioned in particular that Huihai Group has completed the launch of SAP • ERP for the domestic feed sector and will complete the launch of SAP for the farm sector. The Xinhui Pig Breeding Farm will be the first pig farm to launch SAP, which will make the management of the pig farm more intelligent, and lay a solid foundation for the farming business of Huihai Group. In the meantime, Huihai Group will also make efforts to develop pig farms, build sow farms and set up breeding companies (companies + farmers), increase 2 sow farms in 2017, achieve the stocking of 3000 sows, and sell 70,000 pigs through breeding companies in the market. In the next 3 years, Huihai Group plans to develop 30,000 sows and sell 700,000 pigs in the market.

Pig feeding begins with ourselves! The result of Huihai pig breeding farm is the best evidence of the breeding effect of Huihai feed. Huihai Group will always stick to its initial objectives and the corporate philosophy of pursuing lower breeding costs. Both in the feed sector and farming sector, Huihai Group will stick to the principle of "Customer First" to provide customers with high-quality feed and seedlings and safe and healthy food with unique flavor.

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